The IRS Is the Great Satan!

The Church of the Almighty Dollar teaches that everything you ever suspected about the IRS is, in fact, true. The "Service," an ancient secret society, is a cult of evil, devoted to stealing your money - and your soul!

Prove it to yourself. Just try this simple test: next time you write out a check to the IRS, change the 't' in 'Internal' to an 'f'. That's right - make it out to the 'INFERNAL Revenue Service' - and they'll cash it anyway! No questions asked!

Yes, friends, it's TRUE - the IRS takes your tax dollars and sends them STRAIGHT TO HELL! In fact, your money is the fuel that feeds the fires of Hell.

But now there's a way to keep your cash out of Satan's fiery fingers. Instead of giving your dollars to the devil (or keeping them for yourself), why not send them to The Church of the Almighty Dollar? We'll spend your money before Satan knows where the hell it went.

You wouldn't trust Satan with your soul - why trust him with your money?

Send your guesstimated 19__ tax liability to:

	The Church of the Almighty Dollar
	PO Box 1183

No complicated forms to fill out!

If You HATE the IRS,
You'll LOVE The Church of the Almighty Dollar