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It’s a Jungle in There: Sounds of the Tropical Rainforest in 3-D


Earl Vickers' tape, It's a Jungle in There, is a beautiful and lovingly presented cross-section of binaural recordings from the cloud forests and lowland jungles of Costa Rica.. . . . The recordings span a rich variety of species and environments. All are of excellent quality.

The sounds are recorded binaurally with microphones that according to Vickers' description were actually mounted in his ears. This technique creates a three dimensional quality where listened to through earphones. The effect of listening to birds flying past is astounding. In one environment, mosquitoes land in your ears and the tendency is to slap them as Vickers must have refrained from doing to maintain the quiet of this recording. In other environments, the forest seems to surround you and you can hear layers of sound at different distances coming from many different points, creating a marvelous effect.

. . . On side two, a number of species and ambiences are presented, slowed down to 1/2 or 1/4 of their natural speed. This side has a beauty which is almost inexpressible sometimes suggesting strange haunting whale-like sounds, cries from the deep and melodic, strange singing. Musically they remind one of Philip Glass but even more otherworldly, like martian music or the Music of the Spheres. . . .

Washington Post, October 3, 1990

The Explicit Forest
A Record Maker Sticks It to the Labelers

By Richard Harrington 
Washington Post Staff Writer  

"It's a Jungle In There: Sounds of the Tropical Forest in 3-D" is exactly what it sounds like -- binaural recordings made in the cloud forests and lowland jungles of Costa Rica, capturing a variety of species and environments. However, the manufacturer, Tapir Tapes, has opted to sticker the tape with the industry standard "Explicit Lyrics" warning label. Why? Because it contains "mating calls and other lyrics which, while not in English, are nevertheless of an obscene and animalistic nature," the label says. "The tape includes fowl language and features a variety of crude songs intended to appeal to base instincts and prurient interests. Bestiality is a frequent theme." . . .

The tape includes a running-time guide to enable listeners (and perhaps overzealous prosecutors in Broward County, Fla.) to identify the assorted species on the 60-minute tape. . .


EARL VICKERS, an indie entrepreneur, takes the censorship issue to task with his sole Tapir Tapes release, "It's a Jungle In There: Sounds of the Tropical Rain Forest in 3-D." Vickers has voluntarily labeled the cassette-only release with the industry standard "Explicit Lyrics" warning sticker. . . He spent a year in the jungles and rain forests of Costa Rica recording bird songs, monkey calls, and other miscellaneous jungle sounds designed to appeal to nature lovers.

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