Excerpt from a legal deposition
given under oath, Sept. 23, 1996


(Whereupon, Plaintiff's Exhibit P-85 was marked for identification.)

MR. HOEGERD: Q. I'll hand you what's been marked as P-85 and ask you if you recognize this?


Q. And what is it?

A. These are some postings regarding my pursuit of a roadkill possum.

Q. Why did you want a roadkill possum?

A. We were going to attend a trade show and I thought it would be fun to have a mascot.

Q. And you wanted to use a roadkill possum as your mascot?

A. Since we had a game called Awesome Possum, it seemed like it would be good to have a stuffed possum.

Q. Well, why did you use the word "roadkill"?

A. Because it's a funny word.

Q. And what did you mean by it?

A. You know those possums you find off to the side of the road.

Q. So were you actually looking for a — literally a roadkill possum?

A. Initially.

Q. And then you were going to take that to a trade show?

A. It might not have been the best idea. [laughter]

Q. Whose idea was it?

A. Mine.

Q. All right. And when did you have this idea?

A. I would say on or about May 20th, 1993.

Q. And did you ultimately use a roadkill possum at the show?

A. No. I rented a stuffed possum instead, but everyone was so grossed out by it that we didn't take it to the show.


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