Letter Regarding a Software Upgrade

December 29, 1993

Writing Tools Group

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to request a refund for the -------- -------- Dictionary Third Edition Upgrade I recently purchased. Right after I got version 1.0, I received your upgrade offer (at nearly the full catalog price of the new version). I went ahead and upgraded, since the interface for the original version was a bit clumsy.

Your ad said you had added "thousands of new words." You neglected to mention that you deleted a few as well, simple words like "installation" and "buoyant." In fact, it seems that most of the words I happen to look up are simply not there. This was not my experience with the previous version.

Am I mistaken, or did you in fact delete more words than you added?

If, as it appears, your upgrade provides fewer words while requiring significantly more disk space, not to mention the extra money, I would like to revert to version 1.0.

Might I suggest you look up the word "upgrade"?


Earl Vickers

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