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      1. calories in a Mr. softee cone
      2. pictures of opium affecting the brain
      3. synonyms or undermine or romanizer or manhattanize or drippy
      4. bloodhound's sense of smell compared to humans
      5. pictures of latin respect and shame
      6. Secrets of the Universe
      7. song purpose of a man is to love a woman
      8. circumboreal or uncoagulable or generator or metamorphotic or dodginess
      9. how many years does it take for a blue whale to grow up
      10. map of tazmania
      11. World's Funniest Web Pages
      12. dollar and Satan
      13. How many muscles in a dog's ear
      14. mudskippers an animal of the sahara desert
      15. how much paper does the average
      16. how to become a mercenary
      18. time spent showering
      19. TRANS FATS
      20. andy of mayberry theme
      21. pineapple shell remover
      22. Story Water Rumi
      23. ozone protects living filtering out ultraviolet rays
      24. ostrich bury breathe
      25. drinking fountain of youth, weasel
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