"Thrush, 1/4 speed" is a slowed-down recording of a species of thrush (I think) near the continental divide in Costa Rica. The sound is played back at reduced speed to slow the notes into our time range and to reduce the frequency into our musical pitch range, allowing you to hear the melodies the bird is playing.

This recording is apparently a single bird singing a duet with itself (as do several species of thrushes). Using any of various audio software programs, you can play it back at 4X speed to get an idea of what it originally sounded like.

The sound was recorded in 1988 or '89 by Earl Vickers in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. This (low-resolution) sample is from "It's a Jungle in There", a 60-minute binaural (3D) recording of tropical rainforest sounds, now available in mp3 format.


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