Mold Samples Report

Earl, here's the report on the 3 samples:

1- bathroom - some Cladosporium seen (most common outdoor mold, a black mold) but mostly an unidentified mold often seen on rough wood. The latter does not appear to be one of the allergenic molds. You can clean it off by scrubbing it with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.

2- carpet - no mold seen. This doesn't mean the carpet is free of mold, because the spores might have fallen down among the fibers. If the bottom of the carpet got wet (or the wood strips under the carpet), feel free to send tape samples from there (no extra charge).

3- refrigerator - Not mold but tiny beetle or mite-like insects with wings. Many of them.

Hope this is useful to you - Thanks for the opportunity to be of service.

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