Incorporating Dogs into Art

1. Juggling with Dogs

A juggling act could juggle edible objects and employ a dog as a member of their troupe. The dog would watch intently, and whenever the jugglers drop something the dog would run over and scarf it up.

2. Tail Wag Symphony

The Tail Wag Symphony would use a dog's tail instead of a conductor's baton as tempo control interface. The dog would be onstage, in front of the musicians, facing the audience. A small child, or possibly a series of small children, would sit beside the dog and pet it, thereby eliciting the wag response and propelling the music.

Thematically the music would be an exploration of the inner and outer worlds of the dog, translating into musical form the dog's rich world of visual, kinesthetic and olfactory experience -- dog at play, dog running, dog dreaming, loyal dog, good dog, bad dog, etc. As a practical matter, the music would need to lend itself to the possibility of slowing down, speeding up, skipping beats, stopping altogether, running off to chase a cat, etc.

Conductors would be auditioned on the basis of wag consistency and style (wagging back and forth vs. in circles and figure eights) as well as the beauty of their tails (for example, tails with long golden fringes). Alternate conductors might be necessary in case the first conductor comes down with stage fright.