Charlie Goldman-Sachs
(Occupy the Gallows)

©2011 Earl Vickers


Everyone took notice when Charlie rode into town
Ladies tried to catch his eye, cowboys gathered 'round
Some said he was a banker, some said he was the law
Some said he was a petty thief from out near Wichita

He sat down on a bar stool, bought drinks for everyone
Just got in from Barstow, out on a cattle run
He'd shot a lot of Indians, couple Mexicans too
If you don't mess with Charlie, he won't mess with you

Charlie seemed aware of every crime in Santa Fe
Soon they made him sheriff and he hauled the crooks away
Took care of dogs and orphans, wealthy widows too
If you take care of Charlie, he'll take care of you


He heard it from the gov'nor, or from the gov'nor's friend
Railroad line was coming, he didn't say just when
He had a hand-drawn map, showed where the tracks would go
Anyone can buy some land and make a lot of dough

Charlie had some plots you could purchase for a steal
You'd have to be a damn fool not to get in on this deal
But just so he made certain, he sold each parcel twice
You could lose your fortune, but Charlie'd do all right

When all the money dried up, Charlie disappeared as well
They rounded up a posse and hit the Pecos trail
Found him in Durango, broke him out of jail
Slipped a noose around his neck and sent his soul to hell

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