Nocturne in E-flat
Op. 9, No. 2

Music by Frederic Chopin, arr. Earl Vickers
Lyrics © 2001 Earl Vickers


(Capo up 3 semitones)

Good night little baby C fm C C/b
Good night, sleep tight, and maybe A7 — g°/d dm
when day wakes tomorrow G7 E7/g# am f#°7
A whole new world will open up to you Gsus4,7 G7 C —
Good night little baby C fm C
It's time to go to bed C/b A7
though I know you really really really don’t wanna A7 g°/d dm
Your momma is sleepy G7 E7/g# am f#°7
so knock it off you knucklehead and sleep Gsus4,7 G7 C —
You’re so tiny and shiny G — D/f# —
Soft little heinie F fm C —
So tired and whiny c#°7 A7/c# D7 em
Dream time would be fine am D7
  G G#/F# C#/E# A7/E D7 G7
Don’t cry little critter C fm C
It’s time for eyes to close C/b A7
though you’d rather keep us all awake than surrender A7 g°/d dm
Remember, we love you G7 E7/g# am f#°7
We love you even more when you’re asleep Gsus4,7 G7 C —
  fm — C —
  fm — C D7/f#
  G7sus4 E7/G# am D7/f#
  G7sus4 G7


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