Multidimensional mythical Vision Vine  (chord of hallucination)

- You talk the world of the Earl Vicker


The work, Vision Vine of the Earl Vickers  original which was read with Internet is introduced. Being powerful you have displayed the original here as synopsis collecting also, even then as symbol it was the work which does not lose multidimensional message.



- Vision * ヴァイン


 " The fact that you see in the other world is shared in us. When " with the chief asks, as for the ウォリアー you answered. " The worldwide what you say was the world we has not done until now, is, * & * light being dazzling, at the extent where the eye becomes painful, noise has been confused being terrible, in addition, it is is. And completely there is no green, it is is. "


" There is the world somewhere, it is is? When " with the chief asks again, " reason is not recognized, it is is, but the lever which exists the somewhere here it is what which certain we would like to see. Don't you think? we is sat down here with simultaneously somewhere. And age, awaking in power of the magic where the people are strong enormously, we worldwide something the extent which blow offs in the one shot there is a fearful weapon, it is is. "


Doing not to be known, the person who stealthily hears story is in meeting of this race. Calling the アカール, the boy who has done to gledge the circumstances in from the opening hole of the wall was. In the extent lonesome expression either the face of the chief of that time has not seen until now, it appeared in the eye of the アカール. He holding the head which is confused kept walking the jungle. The chief said certainly with meeting, also we culture is lost however and, the where we world keeps going out saying, probably in the sense that how you say when you think in the forest, you discovered the footprint of the jaguar with the foot. When it keeps chasing that, as for the アカール the jaguar stopped directly in the eye. You call the jaguar which has the reporting that " you kill with one jumping ", the high mark the animal entered to range of vision. Furthermore the crane is eaten, isn't?


Shivering to the degree where the jaguar spits out eventually as for the アカール you saw. When it does, suddenly, that jaguar stares the eye in the genuine aspect of the アカール. In remainder in thing fear as for him when the eye is separated from the instant jaguar, already as for the jaguar it was not there. The アカール it has designated that you talk once upon a time the seniors of the tribe, the vision * ヴァイン (the crane which looks at vision) with concerning those which are called as the ear. Furthermore that those which supervise absolutely losing, it is not something which you drink alone also that, heard. But when receiving this worst circumstance, therefore, remembering the ceremony which everyone did in the village, it probably will be possible to try drinking even alone, he thought. If it curves, temporary?, if is in order for you to protect your own world, it keeps rejoicing rather from the senior, openly the daughter of the chief, also the I plain gauze, you imagined the アカール by the fact that the marriage it is possible. Until after cutting the crane which the and others coming, cuts down the vessel which is broken finely it becomes from close ruin soft, it hits and inserting those which were crushed, it boils. The アカール which in the night dark forest had become the one person recalled as much as possible courage. And it was thoroughly cooked, those which the terrible taste where almost it may spit it became does were drunk at a stroke. Suddenly, the アカール trembling tremblingly, started scratching the cold sweat. "! The it waited in serious thing! We is not different dying being here, the stripe sea urchin! " With, he it was wrapped entirely with the kind of fear which is said.


When it does, the air was attached to by his being seen suddenly in someone. That the jaguar of the coming is returned, isn't? " You ate one nail in order for us to like to have killing in me who am raised, the crane of death (the technical change = crane, ワスカ = death), it is the shelf. " With you talked to the アカール. The large cat which gets angry the アカール trembles before the eye and with voice, " your something, the we do not fear we, densely! " While convulsing at that place, " your something we do not fear ", the jaguar which inquires about that imitating, it started singing.


In thing fear, the アタール when it spits in that place, was the fact of the matter where also flight comes out simultaneously in remainder. The jaguar which looked at that sleeps in the floor of the jungle and rolls and laughing does not stop more and more. Laughing as for the jaguar, " I ate you, if is, such funny conversation it was not ", it continued.


We when certainly you spoke with the jaguar, thought the アカール. " This is to be enormous reputation. The jaguar became now, we ally (the alliance friend) with, it is is, * & * "


Well as for the place changing, the man, lead/read stops the project is advised from the boss. If you are wrong, it is judgment, because it is it is the project whose is not unable to become risk is very large because is. The on that, as for the boss is worrying, lead/read is, the which is the thing to keep sinking to the アカール of the virtual character excessively. The デレック of the boss keeps coming out of the office and no and lead/read returned to the ヴァーチャル device again. He tasted while keeping walking the path, enjoying the rich odor of making the ムーッ of the jungle. " We will have decided to try seeing from the sky! " With saying, it ordered lead/read to the computer. The system received and answered offering the map to lead/read. " Being able to pull out the jungle in here of the path, when * & * to the thing which makes the lake " with you set, the map went out. Lead/read while the majority becoming rare so in the snake which has the deadly poison which has as many as two meters which are called bush master, completely kept walking the trail of the new jungle. " It will appear the character! " With lead/read ordering, downloads and no and strange, the kind of feeling which is done prickly, attacked lead/read. The アカール sitting down, " how strange vision gives this ヴァイン, it is is! There is no another worldwide terrible place? While " with rubbing the eye, so you said.


He returning to the village, resolved that you confess concerning the vision which by his saw in the chief. " Stealing you the assembly of the senior and hearing? The on that, without supervision because the ヴァイン was drunk alone, you you banish from this tribe eternally as a punishment. " With the chief got angry to the アカール with yell.


The アカール while crying with the eye as deep-red, went away from the village, returned to that shed mark again. " How it dies being the one person here, if is, evil spirit and game of the another world you must apply, because, while * & * " with saying, as for the アカール the remaining vision * ヴァイン of the coming was drunk in taking a rest. He found the new road. " Such a road, you have not seen until now. You will try keeping walking. " With as for him the and it was in heart. The アカール which appears in the lake eventually when you look at your own form which has appeared in the water surface was the how nude! " one more world spirit laugh with be or " when he scream lift.


Lead/read helix anther rear it faced. But it is too slow. The デレック returning deliberately again, you observed at that lead/read has torn the rule of the company and returned to leaving. At that place, lead/read became the neck. He who returns to the house resolved. " That world love forcing. We returns! "


When head horn is acquired, he was returned to the lake directly. When you draw close to the water surface, it entered to the character and the アカール immediately. The アカール when one you wink, before the eye, the serpent and the anaconda volume being attached to that foot, drags to under and has made another densely. As for him screaming, with desperation it tried it will be and it will slip and probably to rise. " Character and leaving! If " it depends on the anaconda, completely there is no chance in the boy. " But, wait, * & * " with you thought lead/read. " As for certain native people, their own death? With playback? With with to being the expectation which drinks the アヤワスカ in order to experience as for them when changing to the animal even, the which drinks the technical change mosquito you heard * & * that, but * & * with the jaguar how how " the character, return it orders lead/read to kana " and the computer ". When it does, the jaguar the ガォー barking in the water surface of the lake, when it projects, the head of the anaconda has been torn simultaneously with the nail. Because it was tightened strongly, opposite raising the hair, when it barks, breath of the anaconda had become extinct. When you stare the forefoot of the cat where the アカール is enormous, it was returned to human interlude instantaneously. He saw and when it projects his own face to the water surface, the face which is not accustomed was projected. " It is the man of the another world. How it probably is enormous shaman what. I would like to try becoming once upon a time such! " With saying, the アカール the water wheel spreads with the finger concerning the water surface, when you take, it integrated two worlds to one instantaneously.




  アカールは、リードの頭にあふれ出てくる想像の全ては理解できなかったが、しかしどちらの世界にも希望が生まれたことは理解できた。アカールは急いで村に駆けて戻った。ジャガーに教えられたイカロを歌うと勇気が出てきた。村に着くと今度はアカールはたちまち囚われて、酋長の前に突き出された。「オレはもう一度、あの世界へ行ってきたんです。そしてその世界の者におれたちの世界を見せると、二つの世界は一つになったんです。我々の魂は生き続けるのです。」とアカールが言ったのだが、酋長は以前よりも憤慨した。アカールがジャガーから教わったイカロを歌っても変わらない。「自分が価値ある者であることを証明しろ。ジャガーが歌うのなんて、この世界でも何回も聞いたことがある。それよりも、もう一つの世界のものを何か見せてみろ。」とチーフは言った。初めはアカールはためらっていたが、変な言葉で語りはじめた。「SHOP FOR THE LATEST REALITIES AT THE REALITIES FACTORY!」(リアリティーのお買い物は、リアリティーズ工場で!) と言うと、チーフは、「一体、どういう意味なんだ」と尋ねた。「もう一つの世界の人々はパワフルなシャーマンたちなんだ。偉大な魂の道具をもっている。しかし彼らのヴィジョンは空なんだ。だから彼らには、オレたちからヴィジョンについて教わる必要がある。だからそのお礼として、彼らからこれから変化の訪れる中を生き残こる方法を教えてもらうのです。」酋長はうなずいて、アカールの勇気を賛えた。「だが、おまえは以前の名前で、再び村に戻ることは出来んぞ! 何ていう名に変える?」と酋長に聞かれると、アカールは、「リードって呼ばれてみたい。」とにっこり笑って答えた。






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