Masterpiece Helper  

Only $295!

Artistic Error-Correction Plug-in for Photoshop™

Even Great Artists Make Mistakes... Masterpiece Helper™ Fixes Them!

Masterpiece Helper is a Photoshop plug-in for fixing a variety of common artistic blunders.
For example, the De-Escher module repairs many easy-to-make drafting errors:

Before: The stairs at the top of the building always ascend when
walking clockwise. Oops!
After: With a single mouse click, Masterpiece Helper takes care
of the problem!



Before: Note the extreme
fish-eye distortion.

After: In one pass, Masterpiece
Helper reduces the distortion.
A second click would eliminate it.

The automatic Time-of-Day Correction adjusts the lighting according to your location, date and time.

Before: Starry Night?
Why so light?
After: Just enter the estimated time of day,
and Masterpiece Helper does the rest.


The Monet module corrects for the artist's eyesight.

Before: Note
extreme blurring.
The artist literally missed the boat!

After: Excellent
depth of field. Foreground and background objects clearly visible.


Recover the subject's underlying form with the Nudity Restoration button.

Before: Multiple images and
excessive angularity.
After: Less cluttered, no motion blur artifacts.

For a limited time, Masterpiece Helper 1.0 is available for only $295 and includes Broken Appendage Repair, Cubist Facet Smoother, De-Dadaizer and Pointillist Filter. The bonus Dali Module includes Watch Hardener and Ant Spray Tool. The plug-in works in Photoshop 7 and above, on Mac OS X and Windows.

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