Earl Vickers

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Take My Life Back - Songs of Earl VickersThe Converted Garage Tapes - Earl Vickers


A love song you can solve using algebra
Country song about on-again-off-again relationships
A song about Alzheimer's, based on a story a friend told me about her grandmother
Some dude must have taken everything I ever wanted
Music video about trying to get a woman off your mind by smoking way too much weed
Hank Williams style cheatin' song
Nostalgia about a college romance
A little ditty about death
Based on a story a friend told me about his ex-girlfriend's father
Love is stronger than your fears
A cowboy song about the banking crisis
Hatred of unknown origin
When all of your sorrows come knocking, you don't have to let 'em in
Your contempt is not subliminal

Love Songs, Wedding Songs


Written for my wedding
Written for Ed & Kim's wedding
Not as crazy as young love

Novelty Songs

Three Visions of You video Faux British folk ballad about near-lucid dreams
I Think You Should Dump Her (and Introduce Her to Me) mp3 Reply to a guy who complained about his girlfriend being too noisy
Do Me All Day mp3 Cheery little ragtime ditty
Stuff I'd Do for You mp3 Written for a wildlife biologist, hence the army ants, fer-de-lance, etc.
Then I Met a Man mp3 Based on a Chinese proverb, via a Steven Wright joke
Stupid for You mp3

So many tears, my glasses need a windshield wiper

A Better Life mp3 My attempt at writing a John Prine song
Spend the Night with Me mp3 Your basic "we're all gonna die so let's do it" song
Erection mp3 A song about love at first sight — my attempt at writing a Motown song like "Second That Emotion"
Trade Her in for You mp3 Pop song about friends with benefits
Who's the Asshole Now, Asshole? mp3 Based on a parking lot incident
Bag City mp3 Available for use as a commercial jingle if your company happens to be named "Bag City"
Don't Piss in the WELL mp3 A song about virtual community; inevitably, it ignited a big flame war
A Flask of Spanish Perfume mp3 Faux British folk ballad about truth
Sweet Tropical Love mp3 Island music

Kid's Songs, Lullabies

Three Lullabies mp3 Written for a friend's daughter
Nocturne in E-flat Major
(melody by Chopin,
lyrics by Earl Vickers)
mp3 Written for another friend's daughters
The Kid in the Mirror mp3 Might as well treat the kid like somebody you love
Flaky the Bee mp3 Based on a dream in which a co-worker liked Flaky the Bee better than me

Video Game Music

Music from Atari's 1986 skateboarding video game, 720°


Music by Earl Vickers and Hal Canon, performed by the New Orleans band, Metronome the City.
Awesome Possum theme song


Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt


Long Black Veil
(Additional lyrics by Earl Vickers)
  Something always seemed incomplete about the original song

Other Videos

Custom music box tune video I wrote this a long time ago and always wanted to make it into a music box, but didn't have any way to do it until now. I bought a 30-note music box from and edited the notes using MusicBoxComposer .


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