Be Normal


  • TURN OFF... Your Brain
  • BUY IN... to the System
  • SELL OUT... Your Ideals

You tried to be a rebel, to reject all the old traditions, to invent your life from scratch.

And what do you have to show for it? Nothing. You've screwed up your life for nothing.

But don't worry - it's not too late. In just 10 days, we can* teach you how to live like a normal person and believe the things a normal person believes.

Think normal, live normal, be normal - it's easy! No difficult "thought" or "self-examination" required.

Why live your own life when you can live the same life that millions of Americans are enjoying every day? Consumption. Comfort. Cocooning. The Good Life. The Profit Motive. Love of Money... Normalcy.

Become Normal in 10 Days, or Your Money Back.


















* if we feel like it

The Church of the Almighty Dollar