Underworked and Overpaid??


I know, it doesn't sound so bad. But studies have shown that this is actually the #1 problem among American workers today. Just look at your own job. It's boring as hell, right?

So what are you going to do? Quit? Wrong-o. Most of the other jobs are even MORE boring. And face it - your current job pays way too much for you to even THINK about quitting. No one in their right mind would pay you so much for doing so little.

Admit it - you're getting paid FAR more than you should. By any reasonable global or historical standard, you're getting paid an incredible amount just to shuffle papers, wander around aimlessly, and surreptitiously view web sites like this one.

Why? Well, as you've probably already realized, you're certainly not being paid to think. In fact, the real reason you're making so much money is that they're paying you not to think.


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