The "I Hate My Life" Project

The "I Hate My Life" Project was originally intended to be a forum where people like you could tell the whole world how much you hate your life.

For example:

I completely hate my life. I wake up every morning and pray to God that he will just strike me down and kill me. My ex boyfriend (who I NEVER should have dated) has found a girlfriend, and I am left single. He's enjoying getting laid while I sit around and think of new ways to cook potatoes. On top of this, I found out that a friend I knew from school totally hates me and doesn't want anything to do with me, FOR NO REASON AT ALL. I am nothing but nice to him and he cannot stand me. Another thing, my hair is blonde. BLONDE. My hair's normal color is light brown, but I had this amazing idea to streak, STREAK, it blonde. My mother dyed the whoooole thing blonde, and now I look like a freakin' chihuahua on acid. So, to sum it up, I no longer have a social life, my ex is in love with another girl, Dimitri hates me, and I'm a chihuahua on acid. THAT is why I hate my life. Thank you.


I'm one of those people everyone talks about when they want to describe something terrible that has happened. Like for example, I know a girl whose brother is in a coma and whose uncle just killed himself and those kinds of things. Well stop wandering who that girl is! It's me! Besides from that I live in a sub-developed country so all foreigners think I'm either a terrorist or a drug dealer and... this is just the BEST — I'm in love with a priest! Yes, A PRIEST and he knows! Well if that doesn't make my life suck! then what does???

The idea was that venting your frustrations might help you feel a little better, while at the same time entertaining the rest of us with your misery. You could even exaggerate your problems or make up new ones, for comic effect or to drag other people down with you.

Likewise, you could read other peoples' complaints and be glad you're not them. A win-win situation. Why spend hours working on your own problems when you can be laughing about someone else's?

Let's face it: there can be something slightly decadent, almost fun, about wallowing in your own sorrow, and even more so when the sorrow is not even yours. Any regular viewer of "America's Funniest Home Videos" intuitively understands that the true essence of humor is watching someone who is not you getting hit in the nuts.

If you must suffer — and apparently you must — why not turn your suffering into art? And why not use other peoples' pain to make your troubles seem miniscule?

Anyway, I've totally lost interest in this project, sorry. I considered the idea of starting the "I Hate My Life" Dating Club, where singles can go to meet others who are even more depressed, but basically I'm bored with the whole self-hatred thing. Frankly, I'm considering the pursuit of happiness.

Also see Help for the Attitudinally Challenged, as well as the It Gets Better Project, (relates to bullying of lesbian and gay youth, but the concept is useful in general).


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