Don't Piss in the WELL

© 1992 Earl Vickers


This is a song about virtual community. Inevitably, it ignited a big flame war.

The song was inspired by my rude flaming of Alan Emanuel (mudshark) and is belatedly dedicated to his memory. Thanks for the cool t-shirt.

They say respect is circular
They say your karma returns
    They say what you do
    will come back to you
They say lots of things but some folks never learn

Don't Piss in the WELL
You'll be drinking that same yellow water
    You are what you think
    So don't pee where you drink
or you'll be more peed off than you ought'er

Don't Piss in the WELL
Don't pollute the waters we're drinking
    You get what you give
    So don't sh*t where you live
or we won't give a sh*t what you're thinking

You can't expect to love everyone
But hate is like a disease
     Life's full of hassles
     Some people are assholes
and some of them have their own user-I.D.'s

But Don't Piss in the WELL
and don't poison the thoughts of each other
     Don't piss off your sisters
     and bother your brothers
and possible future significant others

Don't Piss in the WELL ...
We don't login to your toilet
     This is our monochrome
     cyberspace home and we
wouldn't want someone to spoil it


Don't Piss in the WELL
and don't act like you didn't do it
     You're what you pretend
     Better watch what you send
     Take care who you flame or you'll
     get back the same
     We're all human beings
     So watch where you're peeing and
Don't Piss in the WELL, oh no,
Don't Piss in the WELL (what I said)
Don't Piss in the WELL

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