Three Visions of You

©2016 Earl Vickers


Faux British folk ballad about near-lucid dreams, to the tune of "Henry Martin"

Last night in sweet slumber, I saw there were three
    Three visions of you I did see
There's one in the hallway and one by the wall and there's one beside me
One of you lay in the bed beside me

I tried to explain you were havin' a dream
    for such a thing never could be
You would not believe me, you shook your head no, shook it no, shook it no
The truth was so clear but you could not believe

The three of you singin' in sweet harmony
    said I was the one fast asleep
But I looked all around and I found it was real, it was real, it was real
Definitely real, thus I was not asleep

You said you could prove it and shook off your clothes and said
    "Tell us sir, how can it be
You wrestle the redhead and bed the brunette while you bond with the blonde?"
I said, "That's easy, I've penises three"

But when I awakened, I saw you were gone
    for such a thing never could be
My eyes like a fountain with tears overflow, overflow, overflow
I'll never have one of you, much less all three

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