Help Track the Life Story of This Dollar

"Help Track the Life Story of This Dollar.
Send Serial #, Where You Got It, How You Spent It, To:
The Dollar Project, P.O. Box xxx..."

Out of twenty-six dollars stamped and circulated, I received at least one set of information about seven of them.

As an example, dollar # L39037382G was minted in San Francisco, probably in the early to mid '80s. On November 29, 1986, it was left as a tip at the Southern Kitchen restaurant in Los Gatos, California, for breakfast.

It was received on December 12 of that year by a San Jose resident at a junior high school dance. That person then spent it at the grocery store on January 2, 1987.

On May 5, 1987, it was received as change from the Sonoma State Pub and was spent in the campus bookstore to buy a pen.

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